Some Links to Check Out...

Netlify Website: Netlify is the best place to host your static website. OK, that's debatable, since I actually moved this site to Cloudflare Pages and it is noticeably faster...

Hugo Website: Hugo is what I use to build this site.

Hugo Clarity Theme: The Hugo theme used on this site.

Blogdown Github Page: Awesome tool by Yihui Xie that makes it super easy to create Hugo pages using R Markdown directly from R Studio.

R Studio Website: Free and open-source IDE for R. Includes everything you need for R-Markdown.

R for Data Science (Grolemund, Wickham): Official website for Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham's awesome book. You can also buy a physical copy on Amazon. A great guide to using dplyr and ggplot2 for data munging, analysis, and plotting.